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                               Drink Guard™ Date Rape Drug Detector                                                           

In this forever changing world,  Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector, total of 20% off.  Alcoholic drink or water, Female or Male, young or old, don’t be the next victim.  The Drink Guard kit comes with 20 tests and instructions. Only takes a drop and in minutes know if your drink is safe.

We also have some fun recreational items such as, Blow Guns and paintballs for them, a slingshot, and Throwing Stars.  While you’re shopping, also check out our Stun Guns, Pepper SpraysHidden Cameras (nanny cams), Survival Gear, Personal Safety equipment, Home Protection Systems and Alarms, Home Surveillance Systems, Diversion Safes, even Automotive Safety and much more for you and your family.



KMP Your Safety

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