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Compact knives

I was out fishing the other day and forgot my bag with most of my gear. However,  I was wearing a jacket that had a …

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Looking after a loved one.

As we get older many of us end up needing some kind of help along the way.  Much of that help ends up being hired …

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Blow Guns

Instead of having to always have a charged CO2 cylinder for a paintball gun, come check out our Blow Guns for paintball.  Our Blowguns are …

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Pool Alarm

With all the pool safety latter and locking gate fails we wanted to offer another source of pool safety.  Check out our Pool Alarm for either …

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This Guy!

Some of the best advice we can give you to end the day for today.  LOL!  DON’T do what this guy does.

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Bicycle safety

We have the perfect inexpensive bicycle safety lights for you and your kids this summer. Armband, shoe clip on style, and miniature lights. Different colors …

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Spy Device Detectors (Bug Detectors)

In these current times with everyone able to access many different types of technology it’s easy to have your privacy infringed upon.  Don’t let nosy …

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Activity Safety Lights

Don’t Be a victim of being disabled by the night time.  Our Safe Steps visual enhancement safety accessories can be worn at night or during the …

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Bear Spray

So I have friends that live in the mountains.  The bears are coming out to look for food now.  Don’t be another statistic and get …

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Electronic Dog Repeller

We all know that dog that runs loose in our neighborhood or on our street.  Going for a jog or bike ride or just walking …

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Rear view Mirror 1080P HD Camera with Built in DVR

The weather is still sketchy out there. How about a dash cam, mirror, and weather proof rear camera all in one.  Use the rear camera, …

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Exploring season is coming up and for some already here.  Be prepared for mother nature because she always wins.   Many things can be accomplished with paratinder …

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Pet Light

It’s getting warmer out.  Out at a bonfire, going for a walk, or just playing in the yard keep your loving pet visible as best …

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April fools day

So we have a product 2 n 1 Personal/Door Alarm that my friend decided to try out.  Yes, he got me.  Like many people do, something was …

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Dash Camera with 1080P HD Camera and Built in DVR

20% OFF!!  The super high definition 1080P Dash Camera with built in DVR and 2.31 inch LCD screen is super easy to operate with one touch recording …

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Welcome to KMP Your Safety

Let us help make your safety our concern!! If this is your first visit to our site, after reading the blog please click here to read …

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