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Cheryl Prairie

Pool Alarm

With all the pool safety latter and locking gate fails we wanted to offer another source of pool safety.  Check out our Pool Alarm for either a back up or even by itself.  When triggered the eardrum piercing alarm goes off on a remote device.  More than 900 children between 1 and 14 die each year in …

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Spy Device Detectors (Bug Detectors)

In these current times with everyone able to access many different types of technology it’s easy to have your privacy infringed upon.  Don’t let nosy people get any personal information about you in your private space.  We have a couple of devices that let you find these privacy infiltration devices and remove them.  Click here …

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Bear Spray

So I have friends that live in the mountains.  The bears are coming out to look for food now.  Don’t be another statistic and get some Bear Spray to inhibit their sight and respiration for deterrence.

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