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April fools day

So we have a product 2 n 1 Personal/Door Alarm that my friend decided to try out.  Yes, he got me.  Like many people do, something was left in the mailbox for me to pick up.  What I didn’t know was he attached the alarm to it. I Jumped! LOL, I got the same feeling like before your chair falls back from leaning back in it.  Then I laughed and thought “he can’t wait to hear this.”  For $10.95 this was a cheap laugh, but also a great affordable way to alert your home of intruders.  Very loud and easily activated, by slight vibration or Just like unplugging a set of headphones. Hang it on any door knob (non-metallic doors) and it instantly and automatically sounds when an intruder touches the door knob. Carry it with you and just pull out the metal chain to sound the alarm and deter an assailant. The alarm is 120 decibels. Requires one 9 volt battery. Thank you everyone. Happy Easter! and Happy April Fools Day!  Your safety is our concern.

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