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About Us

About Us

Welcome to KMP Your Safety.  We’re here to make your safety our concern.

            To help you achieve your goal we carry about 500 products to help protect not only you, but your home, and all your personal belongings.

            KMP originated with Kacie Marie Prairie, prior to her passing away at 28yrs old from a 24yr fight with Diabetes.  Kacie’s Mom and Sisters did not want to see all of her hard work just vanish. Keeping Kacie’s project going is a good way to keep her memory alive for her, her then five year old daughter, family and friends.  To keep the act of giving that was so important to her and the rest of us, to this point we know that someone recieved her lungs, liver, a kidney, as far as tissue someone recieved parts of her eyes.  But even a smile will help somebody more than you think.

           Although most products are made to ease your fears.  Tasers, stun guns, and pepper sprays have restrictions do to constant changing laws in some states that can easily be met.  Although you are responsible for learning and applying the laws in your area, city, and state, if your area is restricted then the order will not go through.  Check your local laws and send us an e-mail.  We are not responsible for costumers violating these laws.  We are not responsible for damage, confiscation of items, fees, or fines for out of country orders.

          If you start a wishlist we can help you achive it with one of our three memberships.  Purchase = Gold, sign up for news letter = Silver, sign up as a member = Bronze.  Anytime you make a purchase you automaticly become a gold member.  

         Be sure to check out our blog for any periodic specials that may apply for you. For your convenience, this is a mobile friendly site with a drop-down menu at the top left side.        

         We hope you had a good shopping experience with us and found everything you need.  From the staff of KMP Your Safety, Thank You for visiting with us.  Don’t forget to come back often and check for our continuously updated blowout sales, specials, and promotions, both in the blog and on our site.   

         You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link.  If you need help feel free to send us an e-mail.

         Your privacy means as much to us as it does to you so we will NEVER share or sell your information.

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